Brave flags tab group continuation go e

Updated to latest version under brave flags tab group continuation has disappeared and even the simplified view for tabs under accessibility. I have settings accessibility on my phone. Old screen shot provided uninstalled brave and reinstalled and older version for fix with updates turned off. Any reason why they removed this? I need grid tabs. Chrome still has grid tabs

@mattches could you please assist? Thanks!

The flag was likely removed upstream in the Chromium build — not something we removed on our end. Simplified view for web pages was not removed. If you go to Settings --> Accessibility do you not see this option?

Correct it is no longer there and I use accessibilities on my phone. For instance switch access. So the grid tabs really help out. Like I stated earlier I am just using an outdated version of brave and it still works just fine I have auto updates turned off.

Looking into why this might be the case for you. As I stated earlier, I still see this option available on my end using the latest build so I do not know why it wouldn’t show up for you.

Can you tell me what accessibility options you have enabled on your Android device itself?

Currently I’m only using visibility enhancements. But I also do use switch access when I need to. Once again it’s not that big of a deal. I’ll just stay on my current build. It’s such a hassle to have to uninstall and reinstall and start from scratch every single time. This is my fourth time.

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