Undo closed tab (ANDROID only)

When I close tab, (by swiping in tab grid layout), i don’t see Undo option.

My mom uses Brave too, but on different OS (MIUI, I use pure Android) and using different (local) language. She receives the Undo message on Tab Close.

I tried searching everywhere in chrome://flags, but couldn’t find anything.

I searched this forum too and found similar thread but answers refer to desktop Brave version. My question is strictly for Android:

**Where’s the “setting” for that? ** (Undo tab close)

I simply accidentally close tab when swiping and find Undo extremely useful. I know Chrome (Chromium) made UX change and disabled it.
& received a lot of negative feedback. -



If its missing from Chromium, can Brave developers bring it back?

I’ve the Undo option appears at the bottom of the screen. cc @Mattches @Aa-ron for additional testing.

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Thanks for feedback, mate. #Love@eljuno

Its just me :frowning: :frowning_face:

But I have no clue how to solve it, and get that little Undo (bottom notification). Hopefully, @Mattches & @Aa-ron might have some ideas… :two_hearts:

Are you using the grid layout or the card layout on Android?

The default card layout @Mattches. I’ve no flags enabled on my end (same like most users).

And Undo button.

I’m using MIUI too (I thought I already mentioned that). Maybe that’s why.

I also see the Undo option when I close a tab. I’m actually wondering if it’s an issue with the grid-style layout itself. Let me do some digging and I’ll see if someone on the team (w/that same grid-style layout) can reproduce.

Appreciate your patience @Marco.

@Mattches tested using Grid Layout enabled via flags. I see the Undo button.

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Hmm :thinking:
Not sure what the issue is then – will do some digging. Thanks @eljuno :slight_smile:

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@Marco @eljuno I tested using Grid Layout enabled via flags. I see the Undo button. Brave’s version 1.8.93
Samsung Galaxy S8 - Android 9

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