Is Spellchecker querying Google services?

I’m trying to cut Google out of my life entirely and I’m wondering if Spellchecker feature in Brave is querying Google services to check the spelling or is it done locally?

No one has any idea how spellchecking is done and whether it’s querying Google services to do the spell checking Coz I’d really prefer if nothing was being sent to Google at any point?

We don’t send any data/info to Google for any reason other than you explicitly requesting or allowing it.

I’m asking specifically for the spellchecking feature. I know Firefox uses local dictionaries, can’t tell if that’s the case or not with Brave…

No – spellchecking words in-browser will not send traffic to Google servers.

So, the dictionary is a local database and not a real-time word by word checking via online service? Ok then. That’s what I wanted to know.

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