No "enhanced spell check" is kind of a deal breaker

I found a topic related to possible security concerns with enhanced spell check and now I see that the feature is no longer available in Brave.

Like most ppl that have been using the internet for several decades I’m a lousy speller. The default spell check feature in Google Chrome gives horrible suggestions. The “enhanced” spell check feature gives the same suggestions that one would get if they typed the misspelled word into the Google search engine which are generally much better.

The lack of this feature in Brave does not make a compelling case for using Brave when I’m stuck searching Google for the correct spelling rather than getting the suggestion that Google would have given me. A feature that was added years ago in Chrome.

It is a privacy and security nightmare. Good thing it was removed if it was in brave.

You can use an extension from chrome web store. I would recommend Language tools. It is trustworthy and open-source.

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