Brave Dictionary is missing common words, needs to be improved

The dictionary in Brave is extremely lacking. It tells me that basic words are misspelled. I’ve had to add “by”, “your”, “than”, and “to” to my personal dictionary. Is this a joke? How could the spell checker possibly think these are not real words? This seriously needs to be fixed. A built-in spell checker that’s missing common words is at best useless, and at worst damaging to whatever you’re writing. At this point I know I can’t trust Brave spellchecker so I have to copy/paste my writing into another spell check software. And before anyone tells me to check the language options, I already have. I’m using English (United States).

Please fix this, guys. I generally like Brave, but this feature is so incredibly lacking that it had may as well not be in the browser. I’m gonna have to disable it and use Grammerly instead.

What platform?
I use the Android version throughout the day (as I am right now) and don’t see this issue.
I’ll have to pay attention the next time I use it on my Linux machines (as I dont recall this issue there) and report back.

I’m using the program on PC and Mac. Same issue on both computers. I haven’t tried the mobile app.