Spell check no work

I see squiggle red line, so I know I have a typo, but nothing more. No suggestions, no options to fix the error.

This browser just shows that there is a spell check issue and then falls flat and is completley usless.

I just started using Brave today, it is okay but has MANY shortcomings. If it can’t make spell check easy to use then what else does it fail at?

How do I see a list of recomended spellings? Or is that not a thing in Brave?

Ok now it works sometimes and I can see one or two suggestions. This Brave spellcheck will take a lot of getting used to and seems to depend on the type of input field? Which vastly limits it’s utility. I am familiar with FireFox spellcheck which was bulletproof and simple. I am having zero fun with this browser and am struggling to see how it will ever replace FireFox.

Wow, I notice that in Brave browser it does not detect “cant” as a typo,
Similarly it has no proper suggested fix for “dont”!! Only: [font, dint, don] which are all epic fails.

Where did Brave go to school?

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