Default Spell check is bad, terrible, horrible, not good, broken

I have noticed over the course of a few weeks to months, that the spell check for English US is no where near as good as every other browser. Besides adding in, words it should know to the dictionary several words I type, such as “license” if slightly misspelled is not correct properly. Is there a way to improve Brave’s spell check ability? or swap it out for a different engine?

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I don’t have an answer, but I need to concur with you. The spell check has recently gotten much worse than it was. [I just spelled ‘recently’ slightly wrong and the suggestion for correction was ‘redeny’. Really, is that even a word.]

This should be an embarrassment to Brave.

Apparently (apparency? was the suggestion for this misspelling!) Brave used to allow the use of other spellcheckers, but I couldn’t (coolant or couldn’t’ve) find that option. Either fix this or give an option to use a real spellchecker.

I agree. The suggestions for misspellings are almost useless. I also use Firefox and the spellchecker is much better.

Replying to you - because of the examples you provided - but recommended to all who read this thread:

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