Spell check dictionary


I understand the words I type in Brave are compared to words in a dictionary in order to be checked for errors in typing (i.e. spell check).

What I would like to know is, if this dictionary is located on my computer’s hard disk or on other computer (server) anywhere in the world?

If the first, what is the local address of the dictionary? Where can I find it?
If the second, what is the privacy policy of the company that uses that other computer (server)? Who owns it?

So this dictionary is local on your OS. How you can view these dictionaries varies depending the OS you’re using. Here’s instructions for Windows 10 and macOS:

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Thank you very much. So, this is the only dictionary Brave uses?

I believe that is the case, yes.

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Hey Mattches, your answer regarding the location is wrong.

The files suggested in the link you gave are only 1 KB large and contain, believe it or not, only five or so words.

I am asking about the whole dictionary, with all English or other language words, which are over 100,000 in number.

Where is it?

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