Spellcheck Is worthless

The brave integrated spellcheck is complete dogshit. It’s not only terrible at guessing actual words, but it’s recommendations are all over the fucking map. It will suggest words that are 3-5 letters away and not words that are 1-2 letters away.

Not only is the library and the suggestion code useless, but you cant even teach it new corrections. It’s up to you to look up the word on google and manually replace it. This might be improved with a better library, but theres no way to import one to brave. You’re stuck with the clearly inadequate default library.

Most times it will highlight words that are simply not capitalized, and have no idea what they are supposed to be. For Example:

christmas ← it underlines this word as wrong, but cant provide any suggestions. It clearly knows the capitalized form, but is too dumb to know the lowercased form is the same word, or that it wants to capitalize it. It provides no suggestions, and no way to teach it not to do this anymore.