Is private mode really private?

Hi Team,

I am using Brave on Win 10 with private mode as default.

I was surprised to see that even after I close a tab in private mode and open another tab, cookies and data are stored on browser. As an example, I login into my gmail account and without signing out, I closed the tab and opened another tab. When I used google, my account was already logged in (as I didn’t sign out). Does it mean that cookies and another data is stored on the browser even when private mode is at default?

Right now, I am typing this on a private window and on the other window, my google account is opened. When I open Google in this window on another tab ( on tab 1 brave community is opened), my google account is still opened.

Do I need to change something in settings?

Kindly Support.

Stay Safe & Good Luck!

Regards, WB.

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Because the data is cleared when you close the window (quit Brave), not tab.

More information can be found here

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