How can i keep my account opened

i cant keep my account of gmail opened when i close the browser ¿how can i solve it?

Are you deleting ‘browsing data’ including cookies?

i stopped erasing but i don’t know how to keep the option

Im new sign from phone Dont know how to work this to good

I want to keep my gmail account opened, it closes when i close the browser

So the way login sessions persist in a browser is by storing a cookie on your computer. If that cookie gets deleted, you are effectively logged out.

If you are using any of the ‘Clear browsing data’ (brave://settings/clearBrowserData) features ‘on exit’ for example, or if you are doing it by hand occasionally, it will have the effect of signing you out of sites if you remove cookies for those sessions.

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Interesting… So. What should i do step by step

I had this same problem and JUST solved it (at least for me). Here was what fixed it for me:

  1. In Brave browser, navigate to the following in the URL bar: brave://settings/clearBrowserData
  2. Navigate to “On exit” tab.
  3. Toggle OFF (by unchecking box) “Cookies and other site data”

For me, this solved the problem. Hope this helps!

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This helped me find the solution, which I detailed in my own comment. Thanks!

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