Cookie management in private vs normal browsing mode

Hello Brave World,

Before discovering Brave I got into the habit of using private browsing for everything as I was sick of being tracked and recognized everwhere I went. Now, using Brave, I have learnt (from a podcast with Brendan Eich) that brave creates so-called cookie bubbles which somehow give the websites the cookies they want to see, and takes their cookies into a bubble/vacuum, so that they are never transmitted to subsequent websites that you visit. Is that right? If that is the case, is there any benefit to using private mode to stop websites tracking you?

Presumably in private tabs cookies are never stored, and therefore never shared between websites, and in normal tabs they are all kept in a bubble that only that one website can access. So is there any difference? I imagine both modes use the same sheilds to prevent fingerprinting and scripts and such.

What other differences are there? I would love to start using normal browsing primarily and explore Brave Rewards technology, I just want to understand what protection I will lose (if any) by not using private browsing. Is it only useful for deleting browsing history and cache?

Thank you!

Do I need to write a more clickbaity title to get replies or something??

I’m really curious to understand how this stuff works so I can start using Brave as it is intended and support my favourite sites with BAT!

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