Love the Browser quick question on tab exit data

how do i set brave to delete all info when i exit a TAB? i have it set when i exit BRAVE but i need it when i exit a single tab i.e. like if i am signed into gmail and then i exit gmail i want to be prompted to sign back into my gmail account. thanks.

Hello @9423abc

use private mode for that

hope that help and have a nice day

thanks for the help but that didnt work…? when i exit the tab i can reopen it into gmail without loggin back in and dont have to use a username or PW

i meant to open gmail in private mode then close the private window after that while keeping the other sites in the normal mode

hope that explain my self much better and have a nice day

ah… i get it. the question is though how do i get a private tab next to a non private tab? i dont like having to have one lonely tab in its own and not lined up next to the other open tabs. THANKS!

you welcome and i got your idea
that you want something that clear the tab cache automatically after you close it

i think you could update the subject to be feature request as i did not see that option before

and you could also check for extension if there anything that offer that option
also wait to get a confirm from brave team in case i miss something
and have a nice day

thanks i will look for ext but hate to add anything on. i did update the subject, thanks again!!

you very welcome :slight_smile:

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