Is it possible to restore sync data?

I have removed one of my device from sync chain (not responded and crashed) Re-opened Brave and deleted all data. Than I realized the device didn’t been removed from sync. As a result I lost all my data from sync-chain. All devices connected to sync lost their data. Is it possible to restore sync data somehow?

If you have the original Sync code words given to you when you created the chain, you can add any device to that same chain that holds the data. If you do not have those words unfortunately you cannot.

Are you talking about the words when we want to add new device? 24 words?

Yes that is correct.

I think I’m misunderstood. I have access the other devices. I lost cloud data. All my devices connected the sync lost their data because of the synchronization.


I’m not sure I understand – how was Sync responsible for data removal?

As I mentioned the first post I deleted all data from one of my synced device before disconnected it from the sync-chain. And than all cloud data gone because of that device.