Is there a way to get back to my sync chain if all the devices on the sync chain got formatted?

So recently my SSD on my laptop got corrupted and I lost all my data including the Brave Browser data. It had dual boot Windows and Linux so two of the devices on the sync chain. My third device, i.e., my android phone had a software issue and I decided to factory reset my phone to fix it (after backing up my data). But I forgot to add another device to the sync chain before doing it and ended up losing my sync chain with all of my bookmarks and everything. It was a silly mistake on my part. I do have the sync code written in one of my notebooks but the last word of the sync code changes every time you want to add a new device. Is there any way I can get that data back? I do have the sync code but the last word is different every time.

@MrBloodyHyphen The answer you’re looking for is in a link provided in the link below. I just always try to direct to the first bit, a warning, beforehand.

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