Brave-sync device lost - how to recover

I have the sync key with me but I lost my device. Is there any solution I can recover my synced data back? (I stored the sync key in Google docs)

You can sync that data to another device by using the sync key. If you have a 24 word sync key though, then you’ll have to add the 25th word for today, which is ‘awful’.

how can I find the 25th word? Will it change everyday?

I gotcha… you have already replied someone with the same issue…

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yes it changes everyday. Todays is ‘awful’. You’ll be able to viee the code once you’ve synced the other device or you start a new sync chain ( this would start a new chain which will not link to your old device though)

thanks a lot SmartyAadi. It will be much better if Brave can implement cloud based password-sync.