Is it possible to leave the Evil Chrome Empire?

This image made think is there’s a chance for Brave (or Vivaldi) to have a render engine of its own.


the unfunny meme is nonsense, and the clueless people who made the meme, apparently don’t understand the cost of creating a rendering engine, I mean, it is just as ridiculous when people even suggest Brave to just switch from Blink to the inferior Gecko because… life and because dumb braindead “monopoly” word (no, it is not a monopoly) like if that mattered in the end, and like if Mozilla was any better than Google anyway.

I can prove my point about how clueless these people are, you know how?

Because if they read the story of Brave browser, they would have found out that Brave, the first unreleased version of Brave, the very first version, ran on Gecko, but then Brendan Eich decided to drop it, one of the main reasons was because Chromium/Blink by the time was better, and it is still better.

There is a reason why Firefox lost 12 million users in the past one year and like 50 million since 2019. if you don’t believe me go to:

Do you think it is Chromium’s fault or Mozilla’s fault? there is literally someone where I saw that link (because I really don’t care about Mozilla), that even mentioned the “oh I have donated to Mozilla” and it is people who don’t understand that donating doesn’t go to development of the browser!

But the worst part is how Google pretty much pays Mozilla to stay in business so absurd garbage governments will not raise the ‘monopoly’ case, so they gift Mozilla almost half billion dollars yearly to stay alive, even with their trillion users leaving Firefox.
Do you think Mozilla cares? If they cared, they wouldn’t have fired developers while getting more money as salary, like the clown CEO did.

There is an interesting story of some ex-Firefox developer and his opinions about Brave, and how creating something like what Brave has, would have been impossible at Mozilla, so he liked the idea of Brave.


The only thing Firefox fanboys have FUD about “Manifestv3 will remove Adblockers” which a total lie, and apparently they don’t realize two things.

  1. Firefox is supporting Manifestv3 as well.
  2. Even if Firefox is keeping the WebRequest API support (just like Edge and Brave will do it) they also said that they might remove it in the future. But it is obvious they would, because most extension developers will go manifestv3 and they will drop support for manifestv2 eventually.

And no, Manifestv3 while not great, but it doesn’t remove the adblockers or make them ‘worst’ people will not notice the difference when their extension’s update from manifestv2 to v3, the only difference might be the UI and that’s it, but in technical terms, people who talk about manifestv3 don’t know about it, they don’t know which features Adguard or uBlock lite support compared to their manifestv2 versions.
Manifestv3 will be just like Apple does with WebKit and how the Browser is in charge of the blocking, not the extensions, which means it’s faster and safer, but then the Browser being in charge is what is the negative part since developers can’t just ‘extend it’.
So I am explaining the FUD Firefox fanboys has fallen, and it hasn’t worked, they lost 12 million users in A YEAR!

Anyway, you might be asking, who am I to know everything? well, you are right, I don’t have a crystal ball to know the future, or a special mirror to see beyond where I am placed.
But I see numbers, I see behaviors, and there is also Brendan Eich to confirm the information.

In fact, he made a special tweet for people like you, and people who make these memes, and everyone who think a small company like Brave can just switch engines and even worst, start a new one!.

You even mention Vivaldi… Vivaldi doesn’t even have userbase! they have like 2 million users in the world.
They literally built their GUI based on HTML+CSS+JS, web technologies, so pretty much the Chromium/Blink is running inside an iframe in the ‘vivaldi browser’ which runs slows, and consumes more memory and CPU to do simple tasks like moving tabs to different windows.

It is not even open source, it is closed source! Of course they will say that the Chromium is open source and give you the link, but their Interface is not open source so you have no idea what they do.

But that’s to show you the kind of mentality they have while building a browser, features conflicting with each other = not working properly and you expect that company to create a new engine?

Not even Opera or Microsoft with more users than Brave or Vivaldi cared to do so, it is actually better to stop fragmenting the web, better to in one basket and move on, yeah, it sucks Google is the one that got the power, but guess what Chromium browsers run fine.

People who made memes like this forget also that from all the major browsers ONLY Brave is open source, so you can check anything they do, and while it is not perfect the development because they are tied to what Google decides, Brave has also developed many tools and give users amazing features, like the adblocker, totally native and independent from Manifestv2 and v3 and v4 and v1000.
Brave is the ONLY Chromium browser to be able to do CNAME uncloaking.
Also Brave has done possible to remove and stop many of the Google ‘spyware’ inside Chromium.
Like they Proxy the connection to many google endpoints, so Google may know ‘someone’ updated an extension but who? they can’t trace it back at you.

When you mention Vivaldi, and you think Vivaldi can build a rendering engine and be totally independent, you have to also remember how they don’t stop Google from tracking you when you update your extensions, their Adblocker sucks, it’s basic, the most advanced feature they support is $rewrite and that’s it. They built it with WebRequest API which means it will break when manifestv2 gets removed, not as an extension but it will break.
Same person developing the adblocker can’t work in the adblocker because he was working in to improve Sync.
Vivaldi doesn’t even care about your privacy, because Bing is the default search engine and the partners list is on by default, whitelisting Bing trackers if you make a search.

At least Brave has a more independent plan in mind with BAT and rewards and ads system and premium services, but it is not enough to create a rendering engine.

The ‘chance’ you are talking about costs millions, so no, there is not a change anytime soon that Brave will have its own rendering engine, and there is no reason to, it will only be weird and in a way bad just like happened with Edge until Microsoft realized they had to go Chromium and move on, there was no reason to ‘fight’ and believe in fairy tales.

Anyway, like Brendan Eich says in his tweet, you can easily see what he says about the ‘just change or create your own engine’.

But really, people need to be realistic, and stop believing in Santa and Tooth Fairy.

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Quite a powerful answer thanks for this ! I agree with you on many points. In many ways browser industry looks like car industry, to make a product competitve and stay up to date, it is very hard (and sometimes useless / makes no sense) to make every part, and not rely on third party parts/code/libraries/technologies, especially of course for companies that have 1/100 1/1000 of Google’s revenues.


redpilled and based answer

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