Will Brave survive? It's AMAZING

This post is for the Brave team. I’ve been playing with your browser all day and it’s incredible!!

Everything worked. It took all my Chrome favorites in a split second! I can browse an anonymous window with Tor - and being in Rio, reading controversial topics censored in North America or Europe, is still safer -. I’ve not yet checked out your social media shields and earning program for seeing ads. Others have tried to make a private browser and failed. Even Firefox. Now I’m telling everyone on FB and LinkedIn and am literally worried your company being small may not survive! I won’t ask how many downloads you have since it must be confidential but Wow! at happens if you become really successful? Will Google try to hurt you? Keep up the good fight. Thank you BRAVE. “LIVE FREE OR DIE”

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Thanks for the amazing Words. Brave is similar to Oneplus than Apple. The community makes it stronger. Great Community, Great Staffs and Great leadership.

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