Is it possible to switch to another rendering engine?

Just a suggestion,
Obviously Brave is reliant on the Google Chromium browser and their Blink search engine. The less we rely on Google and big tech the better and create more diversification.

If you can implement the FOSS Gecko engine or fork it or fork the Blink engine that will break Google’s grip on the web even more. I think this area is one where Mozilla and Brave can work together to take on Google.

Of course, I have no idea how all this works or why would you choose one or the other just giving thoughts and feedback. The less Google and big tech the better. We do not want to rely on them. FREE WEB!

It would require major rewrites and/or increased bloat to include 2 rendering engines. Time spent on something like this would require major user developer resources which would be better put else where.

I didn’t mean 2 rendering engines but to change Blink to Gecko. None the less just an idea, I hate Google and better stay as independent as possible. You do what you do best