Terrified of Upgrading to a Google-Defeated Version of Brave

I have a Windows 10 system. That is all the know-how I have about my machine.
I fell in love with Brave at first sight, I thought, wow, real internet again.
Prettier, faster, smoother, and infinitely safer than even that hero Firefox.

Now it says “Chromium” somewhere in the description of the new update and I am afraid that Brave has succumbed to the Google Oligarchy.

Please, either show me the way to remove their code from yours,
Or I shall have to go elsewhere.

There already is hope.
I just want to know whether to continue to trust this browser, or upgrade to another system entirely.

If you slip into Google’s clutches, as poor Opera has, you are just another ‘quickie’ browser, no longer my flagship/stronghold: a place I store all my social media rubbish, and never do any serious work with.

Good day, Brave,

Please be patient with my ignorance.

@Gupse brave is as committed to privacy and equality in the browser space as ever before. The switch to chromium was based on performance. The browser still contains all the great services brave has to offer without all the trackers and clutches of google. So I can assure you to have your confidence in brave even as a chromium based browser. If I remember correctly, they evaluated head to head in 2015 and Chromium won handily. And Chromium is open source.

Not to be confused of Chromium vs Chrome https://www.howtogeek.com/202825/what’s-the-difference-between-chromium-and-chrome/

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@Mattches and @alex can better explain my point as he is an admin

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@Gupse, your worries are perfectly understandable and I’d hardly describe them as ignorance.

That said – there’s nothing for you to worry about. Yes, we have moved from Muon --> Chromium engine for a variety of reasons. Taken fromthis article where we expand on why Muon is being depreciated:

Security - The most important and heavily weighted factor in disallowing the use of Muon concerns security while browsing. We began depreciating and halting support for Muon last year as we rolled out Brave Core.

Given that we have not been pushing security or Chromium updates to the browser, the various filter lists for safe browsing, ad blocking, and general security patches are out of date, making you vulnerable while you browse. Important security issues like these will not be fixed in Muon and we believe it is unsafe to continue using it.

Resources - Keeping this code base up to date (both feature-wise and security-wise) is extremely time and resource intensive. The switch to the Chromium front end has allowed us toimplement these updates in our new version in a fraction of the time it took on Muon. Given the complexity of these updates and the limited developer resources, maintaining two completely different (and large) code bases is not feasible.

So that’s some of the “why” but it seems as though you’re concerned with the “what”.
Fear not! Brave is still Brave – we strip out all sorts of chromium code that signals, sends or requests data from any Google or 3rd party. Your data is still safe, not collected nor used for any purpose other than the ones you explicitly allow, We still offer private browsing and private browsing w/tor options and several other security focused features that Brave has bee known for.

While those are just words, please thumb through the following resources to quell any lingering worries you have about the transition:
Brave, Chromium, Google, and your data
Deviations from Chromium

In addtion, we have several design/UI changes still being rolled out – most recently (available now in Nightly builds) the new Settings menu design has been pushed and it looks fantastic!:

Please let me know if I can address any more questions or concerns.

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Dear Dgenies, thank you kindly for your response, this is a very interesting read. Hmm. I wonder why Google put out its source code… Free R&D? Real sense of freedom? No idea. The answer will be a long-winded research of what everyone has done with Chromium so far, and so far I am only interested in what Brave has done, which is kindly listed below.

Dear Mattches,
Thank you very much for taking so much time for a humble end user.
I have followed all your links and reading through them made me understand a smidgeon more that Brave (deleted declaration of trust).
(Deleted promises post experience of being shunted to Google Chrome theme market for Brave)
Excellent choice of colour, warm yet easy on the eyes.
Safe, starry flights at night!

Kind Regards,


Post Edit Comment:
Though the trust has evaporated, the gratitude for the time and effort taken in responding to a humble end user are still there.

Kindly remove the arbitrary steering towards Chrome App/theme market, and any other links to Google, no matter how small a piece of code, from your browser before re-earning my trust.

Yours Truthfully,
Humble End User

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Happily sets up the new Brave browser.
Is given the choice of a theme, and clicks the theme choices.
Is sent to the Google Chrome store or whatever, and backs, slowly, warily away from the edge of the cliff.

I’m out. I don’t want to touch anything to do with these people.
How do I know what they will insert into even their themes?
EVERYTHING onscreen is a code.

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