Brave Ad Rewards not increasing


My Brave Ad Rewards are not increasing and I don’t know why? I am pretty sure it’s a bug though. I mean, after you see a new ad, the BAT count is supposed to go up right? I have seen at least 20 ads since three days but my BAT count is still the same. It is not increasing. What might be the issue here? Can somebody help me out?

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@isakshi The issue which you describe tends to happen to people when their device Locale does not match with their IP address and all. For example, someone the other day went from India to the United States. Their Device Locale still said English-IN. As a result, they weren’t getting BAT because Brave was giving them India ads but then saw they were in United States, which they shouldn’t have seen the ad. Therefore, they got nothing. Of course, this sometimes leads people to be “flagged” where they no longer see ads or receive payment, as it can be seen as trying to bypass ad restrictions for regions.

All of that said, can you confirm the information below:

  1. Are you in an ad-supported region?
  2. Are you using VPN or Proxy server? If yes, are you using it to appear in a different region than you’re actually in OR to hide your location/region?
  3. If you go to Region settings on Windows, do you have your region and language set to where you’re at?
  4. If you go to brave://rewards-internals and then click on the Ad diagnostics tab, does its Locale match with where you are?
  5. If you go to brave://rewards/ and then click on 30-day Ads History, does it show that you Viewed ads or what does it say?
  6. What version of Brave are you using?
  7. Which version of Windows are you using?

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