Is it possible that brave doesn't have some real support like chat

Is it possible that Brave have such poor support, I mean I expect from Brave to become number 1. browser, and expect from bat to be real crypto like bitcoin.You know you will never success if you have so many of unhappy people.You are not responding to most of post here, and when somebody try to send email you just answer with same message which redirect to here and there is this loop of nothing.I was so happy when I saw new " Decentralised" browser, and I invited so many friend and they downloaded Brave.But you know what they will delete it because you failed with your promises , and eventually I will delete it and most of dissatisfied people like me, because you make me so frustrating with you poor poor poor support and so many bugs in system.Shame on you, make some proper chat support, sites like aliexpress have way better support, and I don’t mean they are bad, I mean that people expect less from sites like aliexpress, than something like Brave, because you advertise yourself like something that is “New Internet” are you real? Brave is downgrading this internet, I hope you will improve or you will just fail so hard, that nobody will now you existed in 2 years.We are giving our time to support you and you can’t even answer on our questions like this : I didn't get same amount of BAT
I found so many unanswered questions like mine, shame on you Brave this is last thing I will say.

I see somebody is replying right now, reply quick I am planing to delete this post, because I don’t have anything from it, also anybody from Brave will not help with this I just waisted my time.I will give Brave a little bit to improve if not I will delete all my content and all my 30 friends which installed it will deleted to,because i explained them how good this is, but when I explain them my expirience they will delete it for sure :frowning:

I mean this browser for which I claimed how good it is

I really gave my best Brave, you disappointed me a lot :frowning:

Thank you, we appreciate all feedback – both positive and negative :slight_smile:
Some food for though, if I may:

  • Regarding unanswered Community questions:
    I know that it can be frustrating to have to wait to receive support. That is precisely why we leverage this Community, rather than 1 on 1 chat/email support. Direct support of that nature is…well, it’s direct – only one user and one [agent] troubleshooting / diagnosing issues.

    When that user’s support request is solved (or a confirmed but to be logged), the support “ends” and any knowledge gained remains between [user] and [agent]. That’s great for that one user, but why restrict it to one user? Why not troubleshoot alongside other users who may be encountering the same issue? They may have

    • Valuable data to help rule out possible causes or point to the correct ones.
    • Have already found the solution to the issue on their own - or have already reported it.
    • Have a workaround or temporary fix in the interim between the time it takes find the root of any issue and push a fix.

    There are many great examples in this Community alone that show the effectiveness of collaboration between users and team members:

    Additionally, once an issue is solved, it remains public and indexed for the benefit of other users. Remember that Brave is an open source project, allowing anyone with the knowledge and desire to develop and contribute to the project; the same goes for our support. We have many active Community members of all skill levels helping other users, as well as triaging and highlighting particular issues for Brave team members. Check the Community’s list of users and and feel free to reach out or ping (use “@[username”) them for assistance – this is a very helpful Community!

  • Regarding lack of support and site comparison:

    • […]sites like aliexpress have way better support, and I don’t mean they are bad, I mean that people expect less from sites like aliexpress, than something like Brave, because you advertise yourself like something that is “New Internet”

    This is a false equivalence for several reasons, namely:

    • Aliexpress is an e-commerce website, not a software development company. There are different needs/requirements for support between these and other sites, companies or products.
    • You state that “people expect less” from sites like that – which if that’s the case there should be data somewhere that shows this (I looked but couldn’t find anything solid).
    • Aliexpress has an Alexa rank of 34 (at the time of writing this). For comparison, the domain has a rank of ~11,171. Maybe we’ll get there someday, but right now, Aliexpress, better have some really good support with that much traffic, as well as the staff to provide it. Speaking of which…
    • Brave is has a very small staff of ~100 folks in the company – and an even smaller slice of that pie are developers. Every single member of this staff is working extremely hard to make Brave the best browser it can be. Everyone on the team is stretched very thin, but everyone on the team loves the work :slight_smile:
    • As a last consideration, in the last month, posts per day on Community alone have ranged between 252 and 67 with an average ~180. Note that [with the same staff] in addition to Community, we also provide support on:

Given the rapid increase growth (thank you all! :tada:) and all of the above considerations, we truly appreciate your patience with us as our team and browser grow to adapt to these new challenges.

I apologize that you had to wait a day for someone to answer your question. I will personally take a look and address it right now.

Thank you again for your feedback.


Thank you for your effort to write such a long post.I will read it now.I was so frustrated and I needed to write this to calm down.

You got this me on this one, I withdraw every bad word I said, I was just frustrated when I see that some people didn’t get any answer on similar questions.I have urge to apologise.But I still think that Brave needs to have chat support to, because some problems are individual like this problem with the tips.Sorry again. :slight_smile:


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