So bad support team and brave work

Hello, can anybody please tell me why brave support team is working like fool? I told @steeven about my problems more than 20 times but he didn’t respond my any messages. I think Brave support team has vanished permanently. Is this?

If these continues, brave user’s will be left from using brave browser. I have another one issue that my publisher account has suspended. But there was no bat on my publisher account. I didn’t tip myself also I didn’t refer anyone but my account has flagged without any cause. I think brave working like joker. It’s a joker browser. We have to leave from this crazy browser.

My account wasn’t missed at all! Although I do not belong to the countries of Russia and Ukraine. I am a citizen of Kazakhstan

@Nishan, you have not sent me a DM. Please do and I can help. Or post your issue in this thread?