Does Brave actually have any support?

I have reported a number of sites that break when Brave Shields are up, but have received no feedback, or any other type of acknowledgement. What is the point of reporting sites that do NOT work in Brave but DO work on all my other browsers? Getting a little tired of Brave now…

Hey @blackhatphil, if you reported it via the browser, then it goes to the teams to check. Sometimes when they look, things will work just fine. And our browsers don’t come with messaging systems for them to contact you back. The best way to get help on sites is to post here under #support-and-troubleshooting:web-compatibility, making sure you also provide some of the details asked in the template that will generate.

The majority of time that people believe sites to be broken, we find out that it’s extensions interfering or it’s due to a person’s settings. All of that said, can you provide some of the information below so I can help look into it and get the appropriate support for you?

  • What OS are you using?

  • What version of Brave you using?

  • What are some of the links to sites you are saying are broken?

  • Can you explain what is broken on those sites? Perhaps even share a screenshot?

  • Does the site work if you turn off Shields?

  • What Shield settings are you using?

  • If you’re on desktop, can you try to create a new profile and see if it still has issues?

  • Have you tried to clear cookies?

Those are some of the basic things to consider. There may be more questions, but hopefully those details will get us to be able to investigate and find a solution.

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