Complete lack of support

Really disappointed with the lack of response I have had to any requests I have made (to any support people) for help. Total lack of response after first contact and problem not rectified. Support it would seem is a misnomer, well, for me it has been but I have seen others who if they even sneeze someone from here is right there asking if they want a tissue. The browser is great…the support falls down big time. Hopefully this will get a response from someone in support but going by what has been happening or the lack of it I will not hold my breathe.


Sometimes I feel like their support script doesn’t go beyond “what version are you on”.

I can second for you man. They even don’t care to atleast give any progress.

Please link your first contact because we have no idea what you’re referring to. I won’t try to defend Brave support staff because I have my own critique, but one can see they are overwhelmed with issues around Rewards and Sync. OTOH, I’ve actually seen fairly decent response times to Brave adblock issues.

Just for fun, I went to the Chrome Community and I didn’t see any support, only Trusted Member replies. First reply I saw was to “Open a private window and see if your problem persists”. :laughing: No follow-up at all. Thread died. And surely Google must have way more support staff than Brave!

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As @jaybird mentions, our staff is quite small to handle the amount of support requests we receive. We have ~5 people at this time dedicated to support. This includes support for Community (this site), as well as Reddit, Twitter, Publishers support, email support, Play Store support and other misc. support channels. However, lets take just Community as an example and lets pretend that every topic/support requests only requires one response (which obviously is not true).

Given that in the last 30 days we’ve had ~2,000 new topics posted here on Community, it would be ~400-500 threads/replies per team member per month. Again, not including the multitude of additional support channels and duties that we have on our plate at any given time. I do truly understand your frustration when it comes to receiving timely support and we are always trying to improve ourselves as a team and product and I hope that you can understand the position we’re in.

On that note, I see two topics you’ve opened here on Community. One of them is this one we’re on right now, the other one was regarding the Brave Sync flag, which you seemed to have resolved and according to your post, understand that we’re still working on it and that it still disabled at this time (which it is, v2 coming soon).

So unless I’m missing something, can you show/tell me where it is that you’re seeing this “complete lack of support”?


The lack of support was more to do with the lack of response. Now that you have replied with information the picture is clearer. This was basically my problem, no response. Now, saying that, can you give me any idea as to how long my BAT refund will take? Thank you for replying.

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Now, saying that, can you give me any idea as to how long my BAT refund will take?

Can you elaborate? I didn’t realize you were waiting on a refund or anything – your initial post didn’t actually list any issues in it.

I lost BAT to auto contribute turning on automatically, 20 BAT sent out that I didn’t authorised. I have submitted all of the requested information to the refund email that is listed on Brave Community and I have heard nothing more. Submitted this request quite awhile ago.

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As we’ve learned, we have a ton of tickets, threads and requests to get through. We’ll be going through and issuing some refunds today and I’ll likely end up doing some over the weekend. While I can’t tell you exactly when you’ll receive yours, I can tell you that you will receicve it as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this.

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Thank you for the information update.