Brave "community" (from Brave team) should start doing their job

This will be probably polarizing thread, but it is my own PSA,

I get it, Brave is a big project, but there is literally no excuse for lacking so much in the work part of Brave’s team is supposed to do.

I am, of course, not inclining Brave Devs should comply with every report and work on all of them, I get it, but a complete lack of response on 60 days worth of a bug report with as much detail as possible and by 2 people ready to provide any additional information needed is a chance well missed.

Here is a message I would like to hand over to Brave team. Spend more time in documenting issues, acknowledging and (if needed) debunking false/misleading/incorrect bug reports by people who probably care enough that they go through the process of coming here, gathering information and providing a feedback/report on something which probably is not right. No one is asking you to fix anything immediately (you are already running on Chromium so it is not like you are coding everything from the scratch), but acknowledgement is important.

Well, that is enough of blathering. Can anyone show me a way out? It seems I cannot even remove my account and leave this community.

Have a good one, everyone.

Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I had another user express something similar – and while the entirety of my response there doesn’t track with your issue, I would like to quote a portion of it:

Given the rapid increase growth (thank you all! :tada:) and all of the above considerations, we truly appreciate your patience with us as our team and browser grow to adapt to these new challenges.

:point_up: That last part I’d like to highlight/reiterate since you mentioned we don’t have to “answer every single thread” – but even then, there are a ton to respond to and read. This is why we leverage our Community and encourage users to help one another – this makes our staff a little bigger :slight_smile:

Additionally, I’ve read through both of those threads you posted and I understand the frustration that comes with putting effort into a detailed issue report and getting no response. That said, its noted in the posting guidelines that you can at any time tag me (using @mattches) or any other moderator/team member on Community – this notifies the person tagged directly and will often alert us to issues that may have slipped through the cracks.

If you would still like to troubleshoot the issue:
Please let me know and I’d be more than happy to work with you.
If you still want to leave:
We’re sad to see you go – hopefully our paths will cross again some day! I’m also happy to remove your account/data from the Community site as well, just let me know – should take around 60 days (this is a joke :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I am sorry We all missed it. Most complaints posted around 5th -12th of the month sometimes gets drowned out by ads and rewards issues. So after answering about 50 topics, reading 100 topics and reading about 1000 post of similar issues. You feel the rest are one and the same and the urge to dismiss all new and unread messages becomes stronger. We are really sorry. We would try to do better.
Most times people are always eager to post without checking if such has been posted earlier. when you start to see repeated questions, you mostly feel like ignoring them and answering one or just a few. Example

I already posted an answers few hours before the person created the post and the official brave team had posted something similar.

Brave Team:

Wasn’t that wild card for tags only? Anyway, you bet I want to get that queued, if you need something from me (and you can re-open it), let me know in the thread.

And to touch the mentioned wisdom, what I meant, really, is to rather than opening your arms wide on all directions, it is better to have less, more/better managed system. I say it from my own experience and from big companies I saw, where the “touch” gets lost under the sheer amount of the data. I hope, you find your way around this, guys.

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