Can you implement chat support?

Verification tokens can’t be detected. It would be nice to get some assistance… rapidly.

Eventually, but not any time soon. Not long ago Luke Mulks mentioned that Brave has less than 200 employees. Overhead is being spread out on a lot of the projects they are working on and there’s just not enough demand for there to be a hiring to have live chat. They have Support who answer things here and I provided a link to you in one of your other topics that addressed how to create a Support Ticket if you need to contact Brave directly. It shows as if that link was never clicked, so not sure if you ever did get around to submitting a support ticket?

Thanks for your reply. I understand. Priorities. I understand too well. Conversely, success loves speed. No, I have not. I hadn’t even seen the reply yet. Thanks for it. Will look into it as soon as I can.