Is a full history sync in the pipeline?

It’s been a while since sync was introduced and history was added but will there ever be a way to sync history that isn’t typed into the url bar?

I would estimate this to be 95%+ of my browsing activity being lost between devices because I rarely type anything other than Search into a URL bar.

I successfully converted to Brave as my default but this may be a dealbreaker after using it as a secondary for some years.

Is this a feature planned on the Brave roadmap?

It already exists and is in use. Though it’s also causing issues as people are reaching max capacity and the sync chains are then not syncing. It’s something they are still actively working on.

it already exists and is in use

That is great news. Is it in alpha builds available to anyone or in very limited testing?

Should be automatically in play as long as you are using most recent version of the browser. I have disabled History because of the issues as I shared, but you can see where we discussed this in correlation to issue I’m sharing with you below:

And the Github from it is below:

Thank you so much for the updates. I wasn’t able to find this when searching initially. Hopeful to know it’s being worked on.