History and Recent tabs Sync

I have just recently moved away from chrome to Brave on all Devices
My experience has been great so far. But the only reason i have to get back to chrome every now and then is the great feature to sync everything from bookmarks history to recent tabs in real time.
As a professional who works on multiple devices it is a must needed feature as i start my work from my windows laptop , read the opened articles in my phone and then resume the work on the Mac in office.
Is there any way as of now we can have the history get synced between the devices using any extensions?
and do we have any road map to support history syncing in future? Its the only feature holding me back to switch to brave full time and say bie bie to chrome.

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@justshubh Brave Sync, for now, only sync your bookmarks across-devices. Other data type sync is in the works.

Thanks for your patience.

Is there a time line on getting a full sync feature including password, bookmark, history, closed tab, etc?
Iā€™m recently researching to decide which browser to replace Chrome. Brave definitely is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, with everyone using multiple devices daily, lacking a full sync function complicates things.
Please, please consider to push this feature to a high priority on your busy development schedule.