Sync ALL browser history across devices (not just typed url's)

Feature request: Please sync all history on brave browser, across devices. Every single URL ever visited should be synced.

Prior to posting this, I have done a search to find similar feature requests, however, none have explicitly mentioned this feature, and are too general.

Why this feature request?

The whole point of history sync is so that you are able to find which website you have visited in the past. Currently brave only syncs typed URL’s. What is the point of history sync if it only syncs TYPED url’s?

My use case, and I’m sure many others; includes starting off my browsing sessions by visiting a search engine and then clicking various links thereafter. None of those visited links are appearing in my synced history.

Want to find out what specific youtube video you visited on your pc browser? Guess what, you won’t be able to find it on your other devices. How about that job application you submitted two weeks ago? Nope. You definitely didn’t type that URL. Or how about a particular forum post on brave community? No again. Because you visited the community homepage and then browsed the site normally; so no history sync for you.

In my opinion, the most important browser history are sites that people visit rather than type. This is a huge downside to using brave, and needs to be addressed. Other modern browser like Firefox, Chrome and Edge all do this already.

Brave Devs, I hope you will considering implementing this feature.

Your post is completely wrong and misleading. This feature I am requesting not chromium-limited. If it was, edge would not be able to do it. This brings me on to your second point; you’re saying edge only syncs typed URL’s. This is wrong. Edge has full browser history sync functionality, unlike brave. Just because of your post, I redownloaded edge on my pc and mobile to test it out. Visited, clicked on about 4 or 5 videos, then checked my phone. And what do you know; they are all showing up in my history on my phone. Even checking the settings on edge on pc, it doesn’t mentioned ‘typed URL’s’ anywhere.