Sync stops working randomly and cannot be restarted without new sync chain. (Bookmarks no longer syncing, send to device no longer working reliably either.)


Okay, so is there a reason why we can’t/don’t have a warning appear that the average person could understand?

We should have it. The only reason why it wasn’t done from the beginning - it was expected to fix the issue in a fast way.

It shouldn’t only be randomly discovered when passwords, bookmarks, or whatever else suddenly isn’t visible.

Makes sense completely.

The issue is it now tries to sync all history rather than just typed history, right? And I don’t see a toggle for that within Sync settings, which might be nice.

Yes. This change was inherited from Chromium and the old code for typed url was removed completely in upstream. Back-port of any code including typed url sync is difficult and causes many conflict on each major update. And before all history sync we had behind the flag option to sync almost all history on a top of typed urls . So to use Chromium’s new datatype for sync all history seemed good idea.

I also have to ask, why not have an option somewhere that allows us to manually delete things?

For all other than History datatypes objects on server are deleted right after user deletes it in browser, like passwords or bookmarks. History entries are stored on the server in a different way. It is not implemented yet

And I just tried manually deleting all history, which is said would delete history on all synced devices. But guessing that won’t really matter?

Yes, deleting of history happens by committing History Delete Directives. So if server reached 75k limit, it will refuse commit and other devices will not receive that and delete own history entries.

Are we assuming these two issues on GitHub may at least temporarily resolve our issues or will it continue to be frozen for us unless/until we create new sync chains?

These two PRs supposed to help, but they didn’t. There are users who reached increased 75k objects. If we will increase the limit again to for example 100k, - this will at least temporarily resolve our issues.