Is there anyway to sync ALL HISTORY between devices?

I recently switched to Brave from being a long term Chrome user, and I absolutely love it. However there is one huge deal breaker that many reviews don’t seem to mention. History sync between devices.

Brave only syncs TYPED URL’s between devices.
This means that any links that are clicked are not synced.


  1. Type
  2. Search for “what is the best browser”
  3. Click a result link from
  4. Click another link within

Actual history synced:

This is a deal-breaker for me. It is an absolute must for browser history to be synced between multiple devices in this day and age.

My question is, is there anyway I can sync all of my history (any visited URL, whether typed or clicked) between all my devices? Is there a plugin or modification I can implement?

I really like Brave and want to make it work.

Not for now at least. History on sync is limited to typed history only AND only about 1000 entries. (With normal history only lasting about 90 days).

This is something that they are looking at considering in the future. Most of the work has to be done upstream if I recall, meaning, it would have to be done by Chromium. Don’t quote me on that but I do know it’s been brought up and they said eventually might work on it but it’s very time-consuming and a lot of work to implement changes like that.

In the meanwhile, the only real solution would be to add a chrome extension from the extension store on the Brave that tracks your history. I know that’s not really a solution. It is more of a workaround, but it’s all I can think of.

Thanks for your reply. That’s interesting. I hope Brave eventually implements something like this. In regards to the extension, do you know of one? I can’t seem to find one

I’ve never used it but heard a lot of people talk about History Trends Unlinked in the past.

Thank you. Unfortunately this doesn’t have the functionality to sync across different devices. Let’s hope Brave will implement this.

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Hi folks

@Saoiray is correct - by default, it’s limited to typed history.

However, I believe you can enable this behavior on Nightly and Beta by enabling the following flag:

This is tied to product version 1.50 which should hit Release channel on April 4th