No sync for history?

I saw that Brave sync is now available for iOS and that’s terrific. But it seems only bookmarks are included, is that correct?

I was hoping to see sync of browser history as the top priority. To be honest, I use Diigo to sync bookmarks across all browsers and devices so I really don’t find that super important. But only my Brower can help me when I want to go back to find something I was reading or shopping for last Wednesday.

Is this in the roadmap?

I love Brave because it is fast, but this is a must have and I may have to go back to Chrome without this feature.


Hi @mbierman,
Yes. Other type of browser data sync is in the plan.


Glad to hear that. Is there a roadmap published somewhere I so I can get a sense of the prioritization if not a timeline?

Got news for you Brave: syncing history is really really important. Why you started with bookmarks - who knows. Without history I’ll be heading back to Chrome too. Make it so!

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Ping… any news on sync for history?


Am also waiting for this feature!


Great to hear that preferences, history… sync is planned.
Could you please give us a release date forecast (is it in days, weeks, years)?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Same here, if it’s only syncing bookmarks I will stay on firefox, no history syncing is a no go.

For me this one is a stopper: I need history + bookmarks sync. Firefox even made settings sync (I think Vivaldi has some kind of such sync too), so I can just switch machines and continue the work where I stopped.

Hi, @eljuno!
Any updates on the timeline for this feature? I’m sure you’re aware, but this feature is probably the most important to-do item for users as far as basic requirements go to make a full switch from Chrome.


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