Still Cannot See Prompt Sync

A little over a month ago, I asked when devices sync. The answer was, paraphrasing, “almost immediately.”

I am waiting sync now for 15 minutes. I have two devices, one is an android phone, the other a Mac computer. On both devices, sync is set to sync everything. I need the urls recently visited on the Mac to appear in the history on the Android so I can send them in an sms text.

Is there anything I can do to move this along?

hi @carla_rogers, I don’t remember it clearly but I saw a member of the brave tam saying that the history of your different browsers doesn’t merge together but you can still see them in the search bar when you look for the site - or something like that -

do the other options sync properly?

another thing you could do is right-click on a site, there will be an option to sent the page to on of your synced devices, and the site will appear on your chosen device as a notification like this:



Mentioned on FAQ too


According to FAQ, urls typed into the address bar get synced to other devices in the sync chain.

It just dawned on me. Clicking a link might not be synced the same way.

Thank for the tip on sending a url to another device though Brave notifications. That is solves an immediate problem. Astute of you to make the connection.

Thank you for the reference to FAQ. Here is what I found. It seems to me sync is not behaving in accordance with this:

FAQ – Why don’t I see all of my browsing History Synced between devices?
When History is synced, you are essentially syncing typed URLs entered after both devices are added to the same Sync chain. Let’s say for example you have two devices, both with ~1,000 entries in History. When these two devices are added to the same Sync chain, they will both retain those same 1000 entries – but any newly typed URLs entered into the address bar will now be added to both devices


  1. Make sure both devices involved with the test have the latest version of Brave Nightly browser.
  2. Type a url into the address bar of one of the devices.
  3. Create a new bookmark on the same device
  4. Monitor the other device for the presence of the new bookmark (bookmark syncing seems to be working ok, so I am going to use this step to determine when sync has run.
  5. When the new bookmark appears on the other device, look for the url in the history on the other device.
  6. If the url is present, sync worked as expected.
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Test Results

STATUS: TEST SUSPENDED UNTIL VERSIONS OF BRAVE on desktop and Android phone are the correct versions that are expected to work together. Details below.

  1. Brave Browser on desktop computer (macOS)

Brave Browser on Android phone

Typing in progress… please stand by for a moment.

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