iOS Sync V2 now available for testing!

Testers wanted!

Sync iOS beta builds are out Public Beta channel: 1.21 ( Please check them out, This build should work with your existing sync chains using the release endpoint.

Because of that make sure your desktop/android bookmarks are backed up, as there is a risk of wiping all your bookmarks or other unexpected behavior!


This is great news! Any idea what the estimated timeframe is til final release?

Im using this latest beta for ios but It only sync my bookmarks, it doesnt sync history, open tabs, passwords, etc. It seems worse than syncv1. The chain link was created with brave for windows, then brave for android and at last brave beta. The 3 brave updated

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Congrats on getting bookmarks syncing! Thank you! :pray::partying_face:

(I also look forward to synchronizing history, open tabs, etc.… But am very grateful for the bookmarks :smile:)


I can also confirm only bookmarks are being synced.

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any idea if we will be able to send webpages to other devices like we can with windows / android ?

No default browser setting?

I’m glad to see this progressing, but until you can see tabs or history from other chain devices it really isn’t much of an addition. I love brave and will keep testing but definitely hope that’s roadmap.

Noticing it takes a long time after I tap “add bookmark” now for the dialog to appear, and after hitting “save” it takes a long time for it to disappear…(iPhone version 1.21 (

What features are available now for iOS and Mac desktop that we can test for you? Only bookmark syncing or more?

Is it safe to assume we need the beta versions installed on both our iPhones and desktops? Is there a Mac OS beta version too?