Brave Sync for iOS


Although I know that you guys are actively working on the Sync feature for mobile, have created this submission for you to get visibility on how much the community is looking forward for this.


Hi @badescuga,

Thanks for your feedback. The team is working on sync for mobile (iOS and Android). I think it’s almost done and will landed in the future release.

Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:


Bump. Any update on this? Seemed pretty close back in Sept. Has it been released?


Not yet @tengoal. But it’s nearly there.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Hi Brave Team.
Looking for an update on this. I also haven’t seen any updates in the Github for Sync since Oct 2017 that appears to be the last release. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

At any rate; any updates?



Sync is scheduled to release for 1.6, if you look at that branch (1.6) you will see continual work on sync related items for iOS. We will have at least one more minor release before 1.6, but work is being done! :smiley:


Mobile sync would be nice. How far out are we do you think?


Definitely awaiting this awesome feature!!! Any update on timeline?


Same request here :wink:


Any day now!!


I’m very much needing this so my desktop and mobile OS are in sync. I’m running Brave on Linux mint too. Solid!

Thanks for your work guys. I am sure it’ll be released soon.


I am running 1.6 on my iOS device, but I do not see sync there yet. Still hoping. :smiley:


Bump. Any updates on the state of Sync for iOS Mobile?


Hi all,

It seems the Sync for mobile is not there yet and removed from 1.6 milestones like previously mentioned. I believe it still being worked on. Since the sync is encrypted, it may take more time to implement it. Once it’s ready, I think the team will announce it.

And still no ETA so far.
Thank you all for your patience.