iOS sync not working STILL (August 2023)

Description of the issue:
My sync chain contains my Windows 11 laptop, Android phone (current version), and iPad Air Gen 5. All 3 devices are constantly kept updated to the latest OS and app versions (see below). While my laptop and phone sync seamlessly - I can access all bookmarks on both devices, locate and open tabs from one device on the other, use saved passwords, etc. - that is no longer the case with my iPad. I went to access a recently added bookmark (added on my phone) and it did not show up on my iPad. Yes, I file all my bookmarks properly and look for them in the proper locations. I verified that it existed on both laptop and phone, then attempted to check sync status on my iPad through SETTINGS > SYNC. I got an immediate popup saying “Can’t connect to sync | Check your internet connection and try again”. No menu, nothing; tap Sync and this message appears. Every time.

Just to verify this was bidirectional, I created a bookmark on my iPad, filed it properly, and attempted to access it on both laptop and phone; shockingly, it was not there. I also noticed a couple of weeks ago that I could not access tabs on other devices from my iPad, they just don’t show up under HISTORY like they do on my other devices. And no, my other devices do not show tabs from my iPad.

I know it has synced at least once; I reworked my bookmark structure a couple of months ago and that structure shows up on the iPad. No bookmarks created since then do, though.

Whiny complaint notice This problem has been reported dozens of times since 2019 at least. Several posts have been closed out as though the problem were fixed with no fix reported. And it’s still a problem. Why might this be? I have no doubt this bug is tough to track down and Apple doesn’t make it easier with their constant security “upgrades”, but FOUR YEARS+? Really? I don’t expect that from a program as otherwise excellent as Brave is.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Have iPad OS device in existing sync chain with Windows 11 laptop and Android phone
  2. Close any currently running Brave instances on all devices
  3. Open new Brave instances on all devices

NOTE: all steps below take place in Brave unless otherwise noted

  1. Verify sync works correctly on Windows and Android devices by confirming bookmark lists are identical and both devices show open tabs on the other device.
  2. Examine bookmark list on iOS device and compare to list on either of the other devices
  3. Confirm there are bookmarks on the other devices that are not on the iPad
  4. Create a new bookmark on the iPad
  5. Look for this new bookmark on both of the other devices
  6. Confirm it does not appear on either
  7. Click/tap HISTORY on all devices
  8. Confirm phone shows phone and laptop tabs, laptop shows laptop and phone tabs, iPad shows only iPad tabs
  9. Tap SETTINGS on iPad
  10. Tap SYNC on iPad
  11. Note that the only response is the popup (message box) described above
  12. On laptop, go to “brave://sync-internals” and verify no failures are reported
  13. Again on laptop, back out to “brave://sync”
  14. Click “Manage your synced devices”
  15. Notice there is a no-longer-used device in the sync chain
  16. Wonder if that is contributing to the problem
  17. Remove unused device from sync chain (click close icon next to device, click OK in confirmation message)
  18. Repeat above steps and confirm no change to the problem
  19. Get annoyed
  20. Search (in Brave search engine) “Brave iOS sync” and read several articles describing this exact issue with no solution
  21. Get further disgusted and decide to create your own bug report in hopes that doing so will contribute to a solution to the problem

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

  • iPad does not sync to either of the other devices in the sync chain.
    • Bookmarks available on other devices are not available on iPad and vice-versa
    • Open tabs on iPad are not available on other devices and vice-versa
  • SYNC menu in iPad Brave settings cannot be opened
  • Frustration
  • Annoyance
  • Mild disgust that this problem still exists after four years

Expected result:

  • iPad syncs to both of the other devices in the sync chain.
    • Bookmarks available on other devices are available on iPad and vice-versa
    • Open tabs on iPad are available on other devices and vice-versa
  • SYNC menu in iPad Brave settings can be opened
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • No idea that this issue ever existed

Reproduces how often:
Every single time

NOTE: No, I have not removed and reinstalled Brave on my iPad. According to other articles and posts, this has been unsuccessful; at most, it will reportedly restore sync for only a day or two before it crashes again. Additionally, my assumption would be that keeping Brave (and everything else) updated to the latest stable version should have the same effect.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

  • Laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad (200T6-002LUS)
    • Windows 11 Pro (22H2, build 22621.2134, experience pack 1000.22659.1000.0)
    • Brave version 1.56.20 (Chromium 115.0.5790.171) (official build) (64-bit)
    • Last sync date 8/10/23
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy S21 (SM-G991U)
    • Android 13 (Build TP1A.220624.014)/ One UI 5.1
    • Brave 1.56.20 (Chromium 115.0.5790.171)
    • Last sync date 8/11/23
  • iPad: iPad Air 5th Gen (MM9E3LL/A)
    • iPad OS 16.6 (20G75)
    • Brave Version 1.51 ( BraveCore 1.51.114 (113.0.5672.92)
    • Last sync date 6/23/23

Additional Information:
Nothing I can think of…

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@Mythinc42 this is probably your issue. The current version for iOS is 1.56. Could you try updating your browser?

Version 1.51 was from 2 months ago. It since had gone to 1.51.1 → 1.51.2 → 1.52 → 1.52.1 → 1.56

Which coincides with updates. It was June when it changed to newer version. If you’re using outdated version of Brave, it can fail to sync. It’s important to keep everything updated.

I will try that. My App Store has not said anything about updates to Brave so I was unaware it had updated. Thank you for letting me know so quickly. I’ll update this post once I get that handled.

Yeah, I have the same issue. I’ve had it marked to automatically update but it seems I always have to pull up apps and manually update. Not sure what’s wrong on Apple’s app store for that.

In fact, I just checked and it shows that it updates Amazon Shopping , Publix, ibotta, and a few other apps automatically but I have my bank app and Twitter (X) which are not yet updated. My bank released the update on August 7 and X did update 2 days ago. So it’s a BS thing on wondering why they aren’t all updating

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