iOS sync not working from laptop to ipad or iphone

Trying really hard to use Brave, but my bookmarks are not syncing on any other devices (iphone & ipad). Tried several times to no avail…

I initially exported my bookmarks from safari to firefox. Then, I was able to import the firefox bookmarks into Brave on my laptop. That worked fairly smoothly.

However, when I try to sync my laptop’s Brave bookmarks nothing happens. I snap a photo of the QR code on my device, and my device then appears to be listed on the “Devices on Sync Chain”, but no bookmarks ever sync.

Any suggestions?

Expected result:
For my bookmarks to sync across each of my devices as advertised.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
MacOS Big Sur 11.1
iphone 8+ iOs 14.3
ipad Pro iOS 14.2

Thanks for any help.


I have the same exact issue and have been searching/waiting for a solution for a long time now… doesnt seem like this is an high priority issues for the brave team

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yes it seems that ios is low priority… but I suggest to send a bug report.
here is the link:

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