Brave Sync between iPad, Android Phone and Windows Laptop

Hi everyone, I’m on Brave browser since many weeks now.
I’ve a problem with sync.
I’ve read that the Brave Sync option is disabled from version 1.3 due to some bugs that needs to be fixed.
I need the synchronization between my windows laptop, mi iPad and my android phone if it’s possibile, especially I need that for the bookmarks and the hystory, and also for send websites between my devices.
There is a way to interconnect those devices?
(I never found a “sync” tab on my laptop, I’ve started a chain on my iPad but I don’t find the option for connect my laptop to that chain).
Thanks for your help.

Hello @Opportunity. As you told in your post the sync is not available. For more read here: Sync greyed out

Thanks for your reply, is there any date where the sync option will be available? I switched from Chrome to Brave and I’m very happy with it! but the synchronization is a really basic feature that a browser (IMHO) in 2020 must have.
It’s really annoying that we could not use it as any other browsers!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m sorry @Opportunity. No eta is given. The team is working.

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