Unable to export bookmarks from laptop to IOS

I am trying to export my bookmarks from my laptop (Windows) (idealpad3) to my iphone 11. I have read and reread all the threads / questions here. When I look under my PHONE settings I do not see how to follow these / your instuctions:

When Syncing your desktop browser with mobile devices, you will be presented with a Sync Code in the form of a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device camera to begin the Sync chain. You may also enter the Sync code manually.

I also do not find this on the Brave icon.

After spending “today”, not my first time, at least an hour I am frustrated. I want to look at my bookmarks from my computer on my phone. Surely if Google can do it and it’s so easy, you can too. Please give me instructions to use your product on both my computer and phone. Thank you! Vickie

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Sync between Brave and IOS mobile is problematic from what I read. I have Android mobile and have no problem sync with Brave.

I would try this for users having this issue: Install Firefox, import bookmarks to Firefox from Brave, then sync Firefox-IOS. Try with other browsers if problematic.
NB. Try first with Firefox as you can import, directly from Brave favorites, bookmarks, passwords and history.