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Additional Information: I can not list on Opensea. It gives me an “invalid order” error. However the new version fixes this issue, but for me it wont work, I use 1-2 hour and another error appears “out of memory”. It is so annoying have to restart the whole browser every time. The older version works fine, but is has the wallet issue. Any way to fix this? :smiley:

Hi @Kris707,

I noticed that you are on an older version of Brave, could you try updating to the latest version and trying again? We recently fixed a bug with OpenSea listings.

Hey, yeah it is fixed, but the browser is crashing over and over. The error is “out of memory”. The Last version that worked for me was the chromium 99. So there is no way to fix this wallet issue on older version? Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Any update on this? :slight_smile: I really need that version to work somehow


You will need to update your browser to the latest version to resolve this matter. This was fixed in a later version here:

Thank you!

Hey so there is no way to use the 99 version now? Like I said the new versions wont run on my PC. I mean it crashes every hour. :sob:

Can you check the posts below and see if either one solves the issue of your browser crashing?

Thanks :slight_smile: ! But still crashing

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