Brave Wallet on OpenSea Not allowing Sales

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The Brave Wallet is not allowing me to sell NFT off of OpenSea. The wallet connects and otherwise has not had any issues. Also, in the past, I have sold and bought NFTs on OpenSea with no issues. It now shows an error message that says “Invalid Order Signature”. I have contacted OpenSea as well as this could be an issue on their end.

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Hi Nightwatch_78,

I noticed that in your screenshot that an update was pending for Brave Browser. Have you since tried completing your listing after updating?

Yes, I just tried again and it is still not allowing me to sell my NFT’s on opensea. I have attached several screenshots to help illustrate.

I’ve been experiencing the same problem for a week or two now – probably since the latest Brave update. And I’m currently using the latest.

thanks @Nightwatch_78 & @lincolncannon … The team is looking into this now. Filed here

Thank you for looking into it.

Thank you for helping, its been about 3 weeks for me.

Is there a timeframe on the fix for this issue. Everyday I cannot sell I am loosing money? Just want to know if there is a solution sometime soon?

We’ll look into it soon but please note that your wallet seed can be restored on other wallets too. So if there is urgency and you feel like you are losing money then you are not locked into only Brave Wallet. Please be careful for phishing scams out there if restoring your wallet seed.

What does that mean? Wallet seed can be restored on other wallets. Is that like adding a rainbow wallet and syncing it to the brave wallet?

You can use your 12-words (or 24-words) backup and restore it to another wallet such as MetaMask. There is no lock in to Brave Wallet. Your funds are never locked in. Brave Wallet is just 1 of N wallets that have the keys to perform actions on the blockchain. N is the number of wallets that you have restored your backup words to.

Wow, cool thanks for the info. I have added wallets to brave and metamask before but didn’t know that’s what it meant. I will try this with Coinbase wallet since I added it to Brave a while back.

One thing to keep in mind is that each extension typically competes for window.ethereum to provide to websites. So having multiple wallet extensions enabled at the same time can cause problems with dapps.

You may want to use different Brave profiles for each extension or else only enable one at a time.

Any individual wallet should work fine with Brave, and you can control if Brave or the extension wallet has window.ethereum access with the default wallet setting in brave://settings/wallet

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Thanks for the help Brian, I really appreciate it!

Confirming that Im also seeing this behavior on OpenSeas.

@Nightwatch_78 @lincolncannon

The fix for this issue has now been completed. It will be live in our next release in 1.42 scheduled for August 5th ( see schedule for releases here

If you need access to this fix earlier, you can try using Brave Beta Browser. Let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks for your help. I look forward to testing it.

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