Infuriating problem, which just got worse with latest version

I watch a few people’s videos on Rumble regularly. Since I first began using Brave a year or two ago, this problem has existed. But it’s just got even worse with latest release. It’s SO infuriating as you can hopefully imagine.

The videos I watch are around an hour long. I watch them through the day, 5-10 mins at a time, pausing to carry on later.

It used to remember the position except overnight. every morning I had to re-watch videos to find where I was, which was very annoying.

But in latest version (today for example), it has forgotten its place and reloads the page as if its first time I have viewed it, EVERY Time i pause it, even just for 30 minutes. So I am spending ages each day trying to re-find where I left off.

Any advice appreciated. thanks

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