PLEASE HELP - Constant refreshing - VERY annoying - How do I stop it please?

Why does Brave keep refreshing pages? It never used to do this, only in the past few versions.
It used to do it occasionally, but only after around 8-10 hours of non-use.

I watch a few people’s video channels on Rumble. (I refuse to use their app as it insists on a phone number). I watch them in Brave, always have done. The videos are over an hour long so I never watch in one go. I watch 10-15 minutes here and there through the day. The next day it has always refreshed back to the start, making it hard to find where I was. This has always been very annoying, but I somehow lived with it.

But more recently the damn thing refreshes constantly. For example, I am watching a video. I pause it, I switch app to check emails for less than 5 seconds, switch back to Brave, and the damn page refreshes again! So it’s now unusable for me.

Why is it doing this, is it a bug or a deliberate design decision?


Not sure that this is a Brave thing compared to Android. What you’re describing here sounds like it may be something of a battery saver. When you switch the app, Brave is being put to sleep so it doesn’t use resources and battery. Then when you switch back, it activates it again.

I haven’t used Android for quite some time, so I’m not sure off the top of my head on where to tell you to look. I’m even more limited when not knowing which version of Android or type of phone you have either.

To copy/paste from AI:

To prevent apps from going to sleep on an Android phone, you can:

  1. Tap Battery and device care
  2. Tap Battery
  3. Tap Background usage limits
  4. Disable the toggle next to Put unused apps to sleep

That may not be exactly the issue or the proper phrasing. But at least wanted to offer a possible solution. Of course, I’m also not sure if Brave has setting on Android as it does on desktop, which would be Memory Saver. It’s something to look for I suppose. This is found in SettingsSystem


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Thank you, that sure gives me something else to fiddle with (don’t be rude :D)
Will have a look at those settings if can find them

Well thanks but that’s not it. I am using GrapheneOS (Android)
There are settings to prevent apps from running in background but I have none of that turned on so there should be no restriction. It’s beyond infuriating, constantly trying to find my place in videos again.
Am I at least right in thinking this isn’t normal behaviour for Brave?

I was having this on my Android reading social media feeds. For weeks it was impossible because of the page refreshing and going back to the top. It seems to have stopped now, although if it starts again, thanks all, now I know where to find the setting!

@Mattches you happen to have any ideas on this? Where they are saying page will refresh on Brave if they switch between apps. And do you know if there’s a way to stop that from happening?

I think the first thing I’d like to know is whether or not this happens on every website or if it’s just where you’re seeing this behavior. Can you test this on another website — maybe Youtube or Vimeo for videos and see if you can reproduce the behavior there?

Hi Mattches and thanks for your interest in this. It’s VERY annoying and it IS still doing it!!
It happens on all websites, not even just video ones. example, yesterday…

I was typing an ebay message which was quite long and complex. I had to switch to my email app to get a model number for a part, I swiped back across to Brave and my ebay page refreshed, POOF. AAAAGH!!!

Grateful for ANY suggestions to try and prevent this behaviour. Thanks again

Ditto, when I had the problem it was all websites too - but the fb feed was the worst as it was impossible to scroll down without page refreshing and going back to top. Like I say (touch wood) I don’t seem to notice it anymore so it looks like your on your own for now @NoMoreFirefox … Good luck! :slight_smile:

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@NoMoreFirefox Do you see this behavior using other browsers as well? I believe Vanadium is the default chromium-based browser on Graphene OS.

Good question, so I checked and yes exact same behaviour in Vanadium and also in Bromite.

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Is likely a Chromium issue then and will have to wait for a fix from upstream.

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