Constant Page Refreshes - Latest releases of Brave are SO annoying

Why does Brave keep refreshing pages? It never used to do this, only in the past few versions.
It used to do it occasionally, but only after around 8-10 hours of non-use.

I watch a few people’s video channels on Rumble. (I refuse to use their app as it insists on a phone number). I watch them in Brave, always have done. The videos are over an hour long so I never watch in one go. I watch 10-15 minutes here and there through the day. The next day it has always refreshed back to the start, making it hard to find where I was. This has always been very annoying, but I somehow lived with it.

But more recently the damn thing refreshes constantly. For example, I am watching a video. I pause it, I switch app to check emails for less than 5 seconds, switch back to Brave, and the damn page refreshes again! So it’s now unusable for me.

Why is it doing this, is it a bug or a deliberate design decision?


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