Brave on Android : previous page do not remember previous position (youtube)

Hello guys,

I’m using Brave on Android (Brave version is the last one : 1.47.183)
On Youtube, the previous page doesnt remember the previous position on the page.

If you come from the main Youtube page (Home, with all suggestions), all previous suggestions are reinitiated

I tried with the previous page on Brave, and back button from Android, this is the same issue

No problem on my computer, previous page works great

Any ideas ?
Thanks !

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Hello there @Jeremob thanks for reporting this issue, could you please provide me with your Android version and mobile device specs in order to further investigate?

Thanks for your reply

I’m using Brave v1.47.183
My device is a galaxy tab s7 sm-t870 with android 13

Same issue on my galaxy s20 5g FE sm-g781b/ds (android 13) and Brave 1.47.186


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@Jeremob does this same issue repeats if you disable your shields while browsing on YouTube? If the issue repeats, please let me know.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your reply

Issue still the same without the shield
I’m using now the last version 1.47.188 on each device


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Hi again @Jeremob, please try installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue persists on those versions.


I tried nighlty version on both devices, same issue …

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Do you have any battery save option you may have enabled on your mobile device? If that’s the case please disable it and launch Brave again to see if that makes any difference.


Save option has been disabled on Brave / Brave Nightly without effect :frowning:

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Thanks for the information, does this same behavior repeats on other mobile chromium based browsers such as chrome? If it does, please let me know.

The situation is the same with Chrome on android
After few additionnal tests, it works if you use browser in desktop mode

Issue seems to be only on “classic” mode (= mobile mode on android). And the URL used is instead of

On mobile/tablet, is more efficient than for grapical settings, but with the mentioned issue


The m stands for the mobile version for that website, on this case the mobile version of YouTube. If the issue still persist on Chrome, it seems that this is related to the website optimization when using the mobile version rather than with Brave itself.

Hi again are you still experiencing this same issue or it no longer appears?

Please let me know.


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