BAT tokens automatically removed from my zebpay account after a month

I had around 5 BAT in my ZebPay account but just as the november payouts started those BAT just disappeared

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Yes. There is a monthly maintenance charge from ZebPay, and it’s truly a form of daylight robbery.

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I had a very good suggestion if you may follow it.
Bat tokens are very slow to make profits so whenever you received your brave rewards into your zebpay account.
Immediately sold the tokens, then you get something in the place of nothing :relieved:
Hope you may follow this from next time😎

Bro, plzzz explain about monthly maintenance charges :pray:

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Do 1 trade per month as low as 100 INR and you’ll never lose a single BAT, at least it has worked for me till now.

no need to even do that. just don’t transfer BAT to zebpay balance and just keep accumulating in rewards balance. So when you finally decide to cash out, you just need to clear all balances in Zebpay wallet as a failsafe just in case for next month membership fee calculation (not brave rewards wallet but in Zebpay portfolio).

thats the thing I have Zebpay balance and I don’t want to cash out now, so I have to keep trading right?

Update: I have withdrawn my 40 BATs, from next month I will only keep my BATs in the Brave rewards balance, and close auto sweep.
this means I don’t have to pay any membership fees or anything right .what if that auto sweep time is finished then what happens?

Umm yes. As long as you have any balances in Zebpay Wallet, you’ll have to do atleast one trade a month.


Yes. There should be nothing in Zebpay portfolio as that will count towards membership fee if a trade isn’t completed in a month.

I am not sure what you mean ? Please elaborate.

nvm got it. thanks for confirmation

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