Information for users connected to ZebPay

They do. But ofcourse it’s not going so deep into these payout, how to withdraw bat to bank account and fees and all. It’s not their job since the custodial is Zebpay and not Brave themselves it’s the users job to make sure of such things.

No indication of the monthly fee.
I was correct, they left users in the blind about it.

@talgeeze Yeah, that’s through ZebPay, not Brave. It’s not for Brave to educate people on it. Just like they never shared Gemini or Uphold fees with us. That’s all for us to read through Terms and other agreements through the 3rd party. Brave just speaks about Brave.

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Damn man, that’s worse now we have to pay for keeping the BATs in a wallet. Uphold and Gemini clears this Zebpay wallet in every aspect. So how much BAT do we have to sacrifice each month now?

If you just sell some bats, you can have it waved off. A minimum of around 16 BATs to be sold each month if BAT is at 14 INR.
Or could just deposit 250 and buy some crypto worth 100 … sell it next month if you feel that the price is fine and then buy the next month again lol or some other kinda workaround. Thats what I am gonna do atleast

Yeah, that latter part seems fine to me but the need to find a crypto that is consistent is incredibly difficult. LOL, what if someone doesn’t pay that 250 INR and doesn’t make that much BAT that month will they go on a negative balance or something?

Also could u please clarify when I have to deposit 250 and buy 100 INR crypto before the month’s end or after BATs get in my wallet?
Thanks a bunch

I guess it’s gonna be per calendar month. So anytime in September if you trade, your fees are waived.

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The minimum deposit is 250 but minimum trade is 100 for most coins. Some coins have minimum trade as 30 so maybe buy and sell them all the time.
Usdt seems most stable and also has least trade volume of 30INR

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Thanks for the insight really appreciate it.

So you mean kaise bhi karke 250Rs ka kuch buy ya sell krdo bass then fee nahi lagegi.

one more thing , i had a zebpay account created like a year ago , no use till date and forgotten it exists , so few days back i opened it and did the kyc so now fees valid ab KYC k baadse hogi ya jabse account create hua h

Kya pata bhai. Aap customer support se chat karlijiye.

In English - I don’t know bud, please contact customer support.

Nahi, 250 toh bas minimum deposit karne ka hai… minimum you can buy or sell is 100 for most crypto but USDT aap 30 rupee ka bhi le sakte ho toh actually 208 aapke account me he pada rahega (12 rupee Deposit fee = 250 - 12 = 238 = 238 - 30 = 208).

In English -
Nah, 250 refers to the minimum amount you can deposit into ZebPay account. The minimum trade value for most coins is 100 but for USDT its only 30 so effectively you will still have 208 in your wallet. Its so since there is a deposit fee of 12 per deposit.
(250 - 12 = 238 = 238 -30 = 208)

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As we saw frequent zebpay automatically disconnecting, what if it disconnects during 1st to 8th of the next month , these are the days the amount actually geta transferred so can it lead to not getting the bats

No. The payment ID gets transferred on the 1st each month. And also, it just logs out doesn’t actually disconnect on the backend completely.


Just a FYI for those inquiring about status on Android. I got a response that it’s on its way. They also shared image below:

They didn’t explain ETA as I believe it’s due to Google limiting, but it shouldn’t be much longer.

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:loud_sound: Attention BAT Enthusiasts! Important Update Regarding Zebpay and Brave Integration​:bangbang::

I want to bring to your attention a recent integration between Zebpay, a prominent crypto exchange in India, and the Brave browser, allowing users to integrate their BAT (Basic Attention Token) withdrawals with Zebpay. While this integration offers a convenient way to manage your BAT tokens, I’d like to caution users about Zebpay’s monthly fee structure.

Zebpay has implemented a monthly fee setup that has raised concerns among users. This fee structure can be quite burdensome, often resulting in significant deductions from users’ wallets. Even when you withdraw BAT to your Zebpay wallet, be aware that a portion of your deposit might be charged, sometimes exceeding 50%.

To ensure that your transactions are handled with prudence, I advise users to carefully consider the fee implications and exercise caution when integrating your Brave rewards with your Zebpay account. It’s essential to weigh the benefits and potential costs before proceeding with any transactions.

Stay vigilant and make well-informed choices in managing your crypto assets.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (MacOS/ v1.58.131)

Who is your verified custodian? (Zebpay)

Are you in a supported region? (Yes)

I saw you mentioned about the lending feature in zebpay waives off the fees?

How much do i need to add and lend to get the zebpay fees waived off?

You’ll have to lend somewhere around 25 USD. It is I guess some 2300rs. That to for 1% APY.

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