I have some queries related to zebpay

okay so i just created a zebpay account and linked it to my brave wallet on my browser

i was just reading how it all is gonna work and it seems pretty complicated and wanna take a step back now, so how can i disconnect my zebpay account from my brave rewards and as soon as i connected the 17 bat in my account disappeared and it shows this

and if i am able to disconnect the zebpay wallet will i get my 17 bat back in my brave rewards?

Nah. You can’t disconnect. Earlier could be done but now there doesn’t exist a VBAT state. Therefore you can’t.

:wave: @harsh_sharma , If you disconnect your wallet now from the browser, you’ll lose all your BAT you have accumulated till now. Plus there is no disconnect option on brave and zebpay😒

lets wait and see then
so i need to add 250 rs to my wallet rn? and then wait for the bat to transfer?

There isn’t a way to go back to non-connected, and even if you did, you won’t get your 17 vBAT back. This is because when you connected ZebPay, your 17 vBAT was submitted to be sent to your ZebPay account. That transfer to your ZebPay account is pending and is expected to come with your next ads earnings payout.

It is great that you read the tooltip message, though!

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No. That is one way to waive the membership fee. You will get the BATs in next payout (October). There’s a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC if you don’t have any trade in 1 month so if you deposit 250 you’ll get 238 in your Zebpay wallet (12 INR fee on deposit) and then just buy 30 INR worth USDT crypto and that will waive the membership fee for this month.

You may contact me at

if you still don’t understand

But it’s not needed, I think. For new users whose balance is already zero, there would be no deduction of monthly membership fee.

Btw, is minimum trade value 30 INR on ZebPay?

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It will take away any other fiat / crypto which is equivalent to 0.0001 BTC

Nah only a few tokens it’s 30 others are 100 therefore recommending Usdt since it’s stable and has lowest fees too

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But portfolio would be zero for new users. There can’t be any deduction.

It will when you get the BATs I suppose.

Here are some clarifications on ZebPay’s montly membership fee. Quoting from ZebPay’s FAQs on monthly membership fee:

  1. This fee is only applied to accounts in which there have been NO trades done in the previous month.

  2. The fee will be charged on the 1st of the month for the balance on that date

  3. If your balance on the 1st is zero, you won’t be charged any fee. At no time will your balance go below zero

As long as the payout’s don’t come on 1st of the month, there should be no membership deduction for not trading if the balance is alredy zero. More details in the FAQs linked above.

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I see. Missed it in the FAQ. Thanks Aman, will Update it in my topic too.

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Hope Brave doesn’t bring in a super computer to process all the payouts in just one day and rip us. I say, take 10 days to process ZebPay payouts, lol. :grin:

Lmao. Don’t think so Brave will do that hahaha

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On Uphold, BAT deposits are done 6th of every month.

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