Is BAT now in India

I had got a notification about connecting my brave reward wallet to another wallet called as Zebpay.

  1. As soon as i connected it the balance was showing as zero. What does it mean, like i had 25 BAT tokens and suddenly after connecting it become zero, when will it come?

  2. Suddenly i saw that in the widget down i saw that “Earning for this month” which used to be zero is not showing as 0.1 to 0.5 BAT.
    Does this mean that INDIANS will be able to collect and trade BAT and is INDIA verified ?

Yes, you can now collect and receive BATs in your Zebpay wallet and about 25 BATs that were there earlier in your wallet will adjusted in the next month’s payout.
You just need to connect to Zebpay to Brave and verify your Zebpay wallet and you are good to go.

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Will be getting the BAT for watching ads in brave in coming months?

Yes, you’ll receive BATs each month for viewing ads just like old days. Only the custodian wallet is changed not the process.

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